Therapeutic Storytelling

pierInspired by readers and those who’ve become part of our growing Saving Each Other community, we reach out to you with a potential resource for personal growth. We’re excited to include a space here for exploring new (and old) uses of storytelling as a means to help those who are facing challenges or seeking answers to their own mysteries.

In recent years, the healing power of storytelling in different forms and in different settings has seen increased attention. Experts in an array of professional fields — from educators to therapists and medical/health care providers to leading voices in the worlds of art, culture, and entertainment — point to transformational properties to be gained from the act of shaping experience, emotion, and imagination into narrative. Whether through therapeutic journaling, creative writing, oral or visual storytelling, the process itself can provide outlets that no other therapies offer. 

As we’ve learned, the ability to share a journey with others is as healing to others as it is to the storyteller

In keeping with our interest in furthering community, collaboration, and “outside the compact” creative thinking, we hope to use this site and our blog to encourage all storytellers to mine the gold of your own stories and we’ll be offering suggestions/prompts you can use in your storytelling endeavors.
Remember, your story is as unique and important as you, with all its highs and lows, through the pain, the humor, the lessons learned and still sought, the struggle and the inspiration to be shared.


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